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My Draft Kings Lineups
QB A. Rodgers
RB T. Cohen
RB D. Johnson
WR D. Baldwin
WR J. Landry
WR J. Nelson
TE Z. Ertz
FLEX D. Adams
DST Bears

and lineup 2

T1 M. Ryan
T2 D. Prescott
T3 L. Bell
T4 D. Baldwin
T5 J. Howard
T6 D. Woodhead
T7 M. Crabtree
T8 J. Landry
You've got D. Baldwin twice?
(09-03-2017, 05:23 PM)noob Wrote: You've got D. Baldwin twice?

Yep. 2 different lineups.
Ah, well you can't go wrong with Baldwin. He's pretty fucking awesome.
I've only every played fantasy football once...that time I won the NN league with my auto-drafted team, lol.
lots of Packers

Welp, I guess I'm in a FF league this year. My daughter is planning on going to Haiti next year for a 3-day ultra marathon, the proceeds of which go toward humanitarian efforts down there. It's not a cheap endeavor though, so some of her friends put together a FF league to help raise funds for her travel expenses.

I just got the league invite tonight, and the draft is tomorrow night during the first night of my big-money scratch bowling league. Guess I'll be auto-drafting again, lol.

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